Converge FAQ

Converge is a network of changemakers. We partner with foundations, public and private organizations, and networks to achieve greater impact on behalf of a better world.

What does it mean for Converge to be a network?

Converge is a community of people connected together through deep trust and shared aspirations for positive impact. On all our engagements we draw from both the individual and collective intelligence of the network. Our network structure allows us to collaborate together to accomplish things that no single one of us could do alone, while remaining free as individuals to pursue our independent growth path.

Why aren’t you just a normal firm, like everyone else?

Being a network has many advantages:

1. Learning. First, as independent consultants, we bring our own expertise to Converge, and we learn from the expertise of other network members. Second, we must “practice what we preach” to evolve our own network, which means deliberately cultivating trust, engaging in critical conversations, and demonstrating effective network coordination. And third, have the unique opportunity to continually learn about complex collaboration, across sectors and contexts, because that is the focus of Converge projects.

2. Agility. We have much more flexibility in building the perfect team for the job. Because we don’t have employees, we have access to a broad network of trusted independent professionals, including strategists, designers, facilitators, researchers, analysts, and more.

3. Value. We aspire to offer world-class consulting services without the astronomical fees you find at most traditional consulting firms. We used to work at these firms, and we decided that Converge should forego the fancy office space and the huge marketing engine so that we can keep our overhead low and allow more resources to stay within the systems that we’re trying to help. We stand for impact over income.

If I hire Converge, who will I be working with?

Converge assembles project teams based on the expertise required and the availability of network members. That team will be indicated in the proposal you receive. Throughout the engagement, contributions of project team members may evolve based on the emerging needs of the project, and we will consult with other members of the network as needed.

How can I get involved?

Because we’re a network and not a firm, each member of the network is responsible for bringing projects that we can partner together on. If you have an opportunity that could turn into a project, or if you’re just as passionate about systems impact as we are, give us a call and we can explore together what the optimal next steps are and if we might be able to collaborate.

What has been the evolution of your network?

Converge began in 2013 when two of us were engaged on a complex systems change project in Fresno, CA. The network grew organically as we found other colleagues who shared our deep aspiration to positive social and environmental change. As we evolve, our commitment is to increase diversity – ethnicity, race, gender, orientation, thought and experience. We understand that diversity is essential if we’re going to create a world we all want to live in.

Who is in your network Core Team?

In a network, the “Core Team” is the primary advisory council for the ongoing work and evolution of the network. Our Core Team is made up of the people who were most essential to the formation of Converge, and who continue to be our trusted partners and advisors as the network evolves.

Why are Neo and Shasta a part of your Core Team?

Shasta and Neo are constant reminders that we serve not only present-day humanity, but also the animals and the environment who do not have a voice, and the future generations who will inherit the earth we leave behind. And in such urgent times, a little humor is important 🙂

What else should I know?

Check out our blog for our latest thinking, and contact us anytime at or 650-701-7021 to learn more about us, our work, and to see how we might partner together on behalf of a better world.