Generate Leads & Influence Your Target Audience with Network Analysis

Applying social network analysis to strengthen and grow the global B Corp network.

Social Network Analysis (SNA) allows us to visualize and measure the connections between individuals, information, and organizations. Applying SNA can reveal how various stakeholder groups within a network are connected, and how information and resources flow through that network. From this, SNA can identify individuals or organizations who are key influencers exhibiting high degrees of “social capital” within a given community or around a given topic. While not a silver bullet, SNA is an important tool for network and community-building efforts.

When paired with emerging real-time and public data sources such as Twitter, SNA can expand your ability to quickly identify promising leads, distribute key messages through the most influential sources to reach your target audience and track online conversations in real-time. Continue reading

5 Ways to Spark New Ideas, from Marty Neumeier

This post is a part of our Think Piece series, in which we synthesize and share the most insightful concepts from our favorite books, articles & thought leaders. The following has been adapted from the writings of Marty Neumeier, The Skill of the Century: Dreaming, Rotman Magazine, Fall 2014. 

“Innovation is evolution by design.”

spark ideasIn periods of great change like the one we’re living through right now, one of the most important skills to possess is imagination.

It turns out that when people talk about ‘dreaming up’ an idea, they’re not far from the truth: imagination has been closely linked to dream states. Once we learn the ‘trick’ of dreaming – of disassociating our thoughts from the linear and the logical – we can become wellsprings of originality.

To innovate, you need to move from the known to the unknown. You also need to hold on to you beliefs lightly so that what you believe doesn’t block the view of what you might find out. The number-one hazard for innovators is getting stuck in “the tar pits of knowledge”. While knowledge can free us to imagine new-to-the-world ideas, it can also trap us into believing opportunities are smaller than they are.

Five strategies that can help trigger new ideas:

  1. Think in Metaphors – Thinking about problems metaphorically moves your thinking from the literal to the abstract, so you can more freely on a different plane.

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